April 2021


    Carrier oils and fundamental oils are produced using plants. carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and "carry" them to your skin. That is on the grounds that fundamental oils are intense and can cause disturbance when applied straightforwardly to your skin. Most carrier oils are unscented or softly scented and don't…
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  • 乜嘢係 5 對精油使用情況的誤解 ?

    乜嘢係 5 對精油使用情況的誤解 ?   Misunderstanding 1: Essential oils are just beauty products? Many friends think that essential oils are just a kind of natural skin or body care products, and that essential oils can whiten, wrinkle, lose weight, breast enlargement and other "powerful…
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  • 如何用精油製作徜徉愛情香水徜徉?

    From ancient times to the present, love has brought people a beautiful and subtle feeling. Therefore, people are full of unlimited reverie and yearning for love. How can this feeling of happiness be preserved for a long time? Today we introduce to you several love perfumes formulated with essential oils.…
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  • 洗手液嘅作用。

    When using hand sanitizer, most people have some misunderstandings. Many people are afraid that washing will not be clean, so they put a lot of hand sanitizer on their hands, rubbing hard while washing, and using it repeatedly and frequently. In fact, such deep cleansing will damage the skin, making…
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  • handwashing fluid

    Hand sanitizer is a skincare cleansing liquid that mainly cleans the hands. It uses mechanical friction and surfactants to cooperate with the water flow to remove dirt and attached bacteria on the hands. The chemicals in the hand sanitizer may irritate the skin of the hands. People who are allergic…
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